PROTECT Utah: Human Trafficking Prevention Education

PROTECT Utah: Human Trafficking Prevention Education

0.25 USBE Credits
The PROTECT Human Trafficking Prevention Education Program was developed to increase awareness and understanding for educators and the students they serve about the hidden horrors of human trafficking. This microcredential focuses on building educator awareness of the issue through engagement with the three online modules of the "Journey to Protect" course.


The PROTECT Human Trafficking Prevention Education Program consists of 3 online modules called “Journey to Protect” consisting of HT101, HT102, and HT103. To earn this 0.25 USBE credit microcredential you will submit evidence that you have completed these 3 modules and write a reflection.


You will be charged $20 by the badge provider. You'll be charged at the point you submit your badge for final review.


Many people believe that human trafficking only occurs overseas or only in large cities in the USA. On the contrary, it is crime on the rise throughout the USA and even in rural communities. It occurs in Utah as well and students in school districts all across the state of Utah are at risk. The Protect Program provides human trafficking prevention education training and curriculum to educators and their students to help prevent exploitation and victimization. The program increases knowledge and understanding of the manipulative tactics of perpetrators including their use of social media. The program includes an overview of red flags and warning signs as well as high levels of collaboration with agency partners outside of education to ultimately empower our school system and our school communities to create an environment free from human trafficking and exploitation.


PROTECT: “PRevention Organized To Educate Children on Trafficking” The PROTECT program is an online teaching tool for educators across the U.S. addressing the real dangers of human trafficking and exploitation of our kids. Accessed through the platform ThriveCast, you can earn the PROTECT Utah Human Trafficking Awareness digital bade by completing the modules making up the ‘Journey to Protect’. Additionally, there are age appropriate lessons, curriculum and teacher prep materials available which is designed to be delivered to students in the classroom which constitutes an additional separate digital badge.

ThriveCast: The online educational and learning platform where educators can access the PROTECT human trafficking prevention education training materials and grade level curriculum and teacher prep lessons/materials.


A Utah educator desiring to inform themselves on the realities of the dangers their students face from those seeking to exploit them in the myriad of ways considered under law a human trafficking begins the process of completing the Utah Human Trafficking Awareness badge. By accessing a redeemable login code specific to their district they can then create an account through the online platform ThriveCast.

Within the ThriveCast online platform educators have the opportunity to access all of the training and educational materials which make up the unique PROTECT human trafficking educational platform. As required for this badge, PROTECT Utah Human Trafficking Awareness, an educator would access and complete the training videos and engagement segments of the three modules making up what is called the ‘Journey to Protect’. This includes HT101 which is an introduction to human trafficking, HT102 focused on the complex trauma impacts of CSEC, and HT103 which covers trafficking and exploitation red flags and reporting protocols.

Any educator, school or district employee upon completion of the ‘Journey to Protect’ 3 part lessons would then be able to be part of an aware, alert society able to notice signs and situations in which children are so often being groomed by traffickers and exploited in so many different ways and then report such situations as dictated under district protocol. Thus increasing their personal knowledge of the subject each individual helps contribute to the vision of a world free from human trafficking.


Screencast: Submit a pdf or screenshot of your PROTECT Utah completion certificate.

Other: If you received the human trafficking 101 or any other sections from a 3Strands Global Foundation presenter, then submit evidence of your attendance. This may include a photograph and date of the PROTECT training presentation you attended, a picture of the sign in sheet, etc. If you do not have any evidence of your attendance at such a training contact Jacob a member of the Utah Protect team at for official verification attendance which you may then submit.

Candidates are required to make 1 evidence submission(s).

Review Criteria

Criterion 1: Evidence demonstrates that an educator has completed the ‘Journey to Protect’ training modules, either in person, online through the online ThriveCast platform, or some combination of the two.

Criterion 2: Evidence demonstrates that an educator has engaged with the subject matter. This can be achieved through the completion of internal surveys and by engagement with the online community through writing stories, concerns, or testimonials and reviewing other user public posts within ThriveCast.

Criterion 3: Evidence demonstrates an educator has internalized knowledge concerning human trafficking and exploitation including red flags and warning signs.


  1. Reflect on how your knowledge about human trafficking changed after completing the PROTECT ‘Journey to Protect’ training modules.

  2. Describe any specific thoughts or observations you had while completing ‘Journey to Protect’.

  3. Describe your specific role as an educator and how you would feel about delivering human trafficking lessons in the classroom to students.

Review Criteria

Criterion 1: The reflection describes personal feelings and feelings about human trafficking both prior to and following the PROTECT program.

Criterion 2: The reflection notes any items of feedback or opinion concerning the ‘Journey to Protect’ modules.

Criterion 3: The reflection describes the writer’s role in the educational system and their current feelings concerning being asked to teach students in the classroom.


3Strands Global Foundation 2018 Annual Report
The 2017 3Strands Global Foundation’s Annual Report.

3Strands Global Foundation Website
This is the official website of PROTECT’s founding organization, 3Strands Global Foundation.

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Founded in 2002,Polaris is named for the North Star, which people held in slavery in the United States used as a guide to navigate their way toward freedom. Today we are filling in the roadmap for that journey and lighting the path ahead.

PROTECT Human Trafficking Prevention Education Website
This is the PROTECT human trafficking prevention education program’s website.

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