Comprehension - The Greatest Show

Face-to-face course

This course is specialized for teachers 3rd - 6th grade wanting to increase their capacity and skills instructing comprehension. This full day workshop will feature strategies and ideas from the book, Understanding Text & Readers, by Jennifer Serravello. Participants will also acquire knowledge about DYAD reading in order to build fluency and vocabulary with their students, while using complex text. Instructional lessons included will be: 1-The hierarchy of comprehension goals for fiction and informational text: Main Ideas, Key Details, Plot/Setting, Character, Themes, etc. 2-Teaching strategies & variables that impact comprehension: importance of engagement, stamina, reader’s choice, genre, questioning, activites, etc. 3-Experience DYAD reading while learning the benefits: to increase fluency and comprehension by using challenging text.

0.50 USBE Credits

Fee: $0.00
Max. 30 seats


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