19-20 SECONDARY “LITERACY IN EVERY CLASSROOM: SLCSD's Professional Development Contract Day”

Face-to-face course

Secondary “LITERACY IN EVERY CLASSROOM: SLCSD's Professional Development Contract Day” has been designed for attendees to gain knowledge and techniques that can immediately be put into practice. The Conference will be held on Thursday, August 15, 2019 at East High School located at 840 S. 1300 E. Salt Lake City Utah 84102. To register for your sessions everyone will be required to use MIDAS (Massively Integrated Data Analytics System), which is the new state system that collects and tracks professional learning activities for teachers. By registering in the MIDAS system, your licensure hours for the day will be collected and maintained in the state database. Courses for this professional development may be offered in increments of 90 minutes, with departments determine how many rotations they would like the course taught by selecting from 1-2 rotation options. “Whole time” is selected if a course that will run the entire professional development time, after the opening session. Please, note that selecting a “whole time” offering means you do not need to attend any other rotations. “Whole time “ offerings are often specific to a department. Classes do have limited seating, if the section you want is full you will need to select a different section. For questions or concerns please contact: Katie Ieremia Professional Development Supervisor 801-578-8302 katie.ieremia@slcschools.org

4.00 Relicensure Hours

Fee: $0.00
Max. 300 seats


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