Welcome to the MIDAS


Your username is usually the email address that is on record for you in CACTUS. If you do not know which email address is listed for you in CACTUS, visit: https://utah.gov/teachers
On this page, click the link “Update My Contact Information” – this will bring up your information to verify what email address is on record for you.
If you can no longer access the email account on record for you in CACTUS, please contact the MIDAS help desk, and they can assist you. (see contact info below)


Need A MIDAS Account Created


If you do not have a MIDAS account and need one created, please provide us with the following information below that is applicable to you. This information helps us to know how to set up your new MIDAS Account:
  • Full Legal Name
  • District / Charter
  • Email Address
  • School
  • CACTUS ID# (if you have one)
  • Organization
  • Currently Teaching: Yes/No
  • Position




Email: MIDAS@schools.utah.gov

Phone: 801-538-7807


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