Increase Efficiency and Save Time with G-Suite

Increase Efficiency and Save Time with G-Suite

0.50 USBE Credits
G-Suite for Education provides many online tools and resources for educators to integrate technology into their classrooms and/or workplaces. These online tools and resources support the work that educators currently do. Time is invaluable to educators therefore managing it wisely is essential. Google Suite provides many tools that can assist teachers in effective time management, communication, and collaboration.


To earn this 0.5 credit microcredential you will submit two types of evidence from the list below to demonstrate your competency in using G-Suite tools to increase efficiency and save time. You will also complete a short written or video reflective analysis. Click Earn This Microcredential to learn more!


You will be charged $25 by the badge provider. You'll be charged at the point you submit your badge for final review.


Educators earn this microcredential by demonstrating their use of G-Suite for Education for organization, communication, and collaboration.


G-Suite for Education: A suite of online tools designed to help increase opportunities for critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity while also supporting the learning objectives. G-Suite for Education includes a number of Google products that promote collaboration, and tools that can be used to save time and increase student engagement.

Hyperdoc : A digital lesson that typically uses a Google Doc or Google Slide and hyperlinks to organize student learning and activities.

Hyperlink : Clickable text linked to another document or website.


Scenario 1
Miss Suarez is very frustrated with her lack of organization of files. She feels like it takes way too long to find a file and has no real organizational structure. She has been to workshops where she has learned about using cloud storage (Google Drive) to organize files, give her the ability to access those files from any location, and easier search capabilities for files within the cloud storage.

Scenario 2
Mr. Bean wants to save time, manage the workflow, and get organized. He has people create a Google Document, and they share that document with him. Each time this happens, an email is sent to him. This adds to this email clutter. He remembers attending a professional learning workshop where he learned about Google Classroom--a platform for managing the workflow of documents and projects, gathering data, and communication.

Scenario 3
Mrs. Anderson, an administrator of a local school is looking for ways to more effectively manage her time, communicate with teachers and parents, and share upcoming school activities with the community. Her school district uses Google Apps for Education (GAFE), and Mrs. Anderson just recently learned that she can handle most of these issues using Google Groups, Calendar, Keep, and Sites.


Video: Submit a 10-15 minute video demonstrating your effective instruction on G-Suite tools. Your video should focus on ONE of the following skills:
1. How to use Google Calendar and Google Meet to facilitate collaboration or training.
2. How to set-up and use Google Classroom.
3. How to set-up, share/invite, and communicate in Google Groups.

Unit Plan: Submit a unit plan built in Google Classroom that you use as a part of your instruction. Your unit plan should include the following:
- Use the classwork page to organize your curriculum.
- Include sharing resources and assigning and collecting tasks.

Upload the following documentation of your Google Classroom unit:
1. screenshot(s) of the classwork page.
2. screenshot(s) of the student work page showing graded tasks.

Student Performance Data: Submit evidence of your effective use of Google Forms for quizzes. To do this, upload a link to a Google Doc that includes the following information:
1. Share and provide a link to a Google Forms quiz that you created and gave to students.
2. Share and provide a link to the corresponding data sheet.
3. Include a paragraph that explains the purpose of the quiz and how you evaluated and used the data to inform your next steps.
Be sure to follow your district/charter guidelines for student privacy.

Survey Results: Choose one of the following and complete a follow up survey with students, parents, or colleagues.
1. Use Google Classroom to facilitate instruction and learning.
2. Use Google Groups for collaboration .
3. Create a Google Site that includes a Google Calendar to communicate information with students, parents, faculty, or colleagues.
Your survey should assess the following: how the tool improved communication, productivity, ease of access, suggestions for improvements.

Share a link to the survey and survey results.

Web Site: Submit evidence of your effective use of Google Sites. Provide the link to your Google Site that has the purpose of communication. It should include an embedded calendar and links to shared folders or documents. It may also link to a Google Group used for collaboration and communication with your intended audience.

Screencast: Create a screencast (no more than five minutes in length) demonstrating your use of Google Drive to support productivity and efficiency. Your screencast should include the following:
1. Show and explain how to create a folder in Google Drive, show how to move a document into that folder, and show how to change the share settings of that folder.
2. Guide us through the organization of your Google Drive. Tell us what you learned about using Google Drive? Why do you have the folders that you have? Explain how the use of Google Drive has changed your productivity.

Candidate's Choice: Submit another type of evidence that demonstrates your effective and consistent use of Google applications for organization, collaboration and communication.

Candidates are required to make 2 evidence submission(s).

Review Criteria

1. The evidence demonstrates that the educator uses Google Suite (G-Suite) effectively to support learners.

2. The evidence demonstrates that the educator uses Google Suite consistently to support learners (i.e., over a period of time, several weeks, or a unit).

3. The evidence demonstrates that the educator uses Google Suite to become a more efficient and effective educator (i.e., time management, collaboration, communication).


  1. Describe your practice before using Google (G-Suite). What issues, problems, or frustrations were you experiencing? Explain how using Google (G-Suite) helped you to become more proficient in your practice.

  2. Explain how G-Suite has facilitated your communication with your learners and colleagues. How has it benefited those with whom you teach/work?

  3. What are your specific plans for ongoing use of G-Suite?

Review Criteria

1. The reflection demonstrates that the educator uses Google Suite (G-Suite) effectively to support learners.

2. The reflection demonstrates that the educator uses Google Suite consistently to support learners (i.e., over a period of time, several weeks, or a unit).

3. The reflection demonstrates that the educator uses Google Suite to become a more efficient and effective educator (i.e., time management, collaboration, communication).


50 Things to Go Further With Google Classroom
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Google Teacher Center
Google’s free resource and learning center for teachers. This badge pertains specifically to Units 3-8.

Shake Up Learning (Kasey Bell’s Website and Blog)
Learn from a master “Googler,” Kasey Bell. This site has tips and tricks for how to use and implement Google Tools in G-Suite to help your communication, productivity, and efficiency. Shake Up Learning is the destination for technology in the classroom resources! The Digital Learning and Tech Tips website for Teachers, including Google Classroom, Google Drive, G Suite for Education, Blended Learning, Online Courses, Templates, Lesson Plans and Lesson Ideas, Google Cheat Sheets, and more!

Teacher Tech with Alice Keeler (blog)
Alice Keeler’s blog, which includes several posts and video demonstrations on how to set-up and use Google Classroom.


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