1921 ETEP "Digital and Information Literacy"

Blended Learning

Educational Technology  Students and teachers have continual access to current information via the Internet. While resources are unlimited, finding relevant and accurate information can be problematic. Information literacy is a 21st century skill that students need to develop in order to locate credible information from a variety of sources. This course will focus on... • Locating, organizing and evaluating appropriate Internet resources from a variety of sources and media • Promoting the finding of pre-selected Internet resources for students that meet diverse learner needs • Enhancing classroom website • Analyzing the accuracy, credibility and reliability of information found on the Internet • Following laws regarding copyright • Interpreting, understanding, and thinking critically about the message behind an image • Effectively using digital media to communicate messages and ideas about teachers and students • Promoting Digital Citizenship and internet safety for students • Applying digital tools to gather, evaluate, and use information

0.00 USBE Credit
2.00 USBE Credit

Fee: $0.00
Max. 50 seats


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