Administration and Completion of the FitnessGram
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Physical Education Endorsement: Methods of Teaching Fitness for Life
0.5 USBE Credit


This microcredential represents educators' administration and use of the norm referenced FitnessGram assessments. They will also personally complete some of the FitnessGram assessments.

No standards provided.
How To Earn This Microcredential

To earn this microcredential you will need to collect and submit two sets of evidence demonstrating your effective administration and use of the FitnessGram. You will also complete a written or video reflective analysis.

If you submit this microcredential for review, you will be assessed an administrative fee of $20.00.

FitnessGram is a nationally recognized fitness assessment tool. Individual schools may use a different fitness assessment and educators may adapt the MC to their own school approved fitness assessment tool if all elements can be included.”

When administering the FitnessGram, these guidelines must be adhered to with fidelity. This makes your students' results valid and reliable.

Important Terms
Norm referenced:

refers to standardized tests that are designed to compare and rank test takers in relation to one another


provides students, teachers, parents and administrators the standards and awareness of fitness levels needed for good health. This information is critical to making positive, healthy changes.

Background Scenario / How This Will Help You

Elementary: It is recommended that the FitnessGram be administered starting in 3rd grade. FitnessGram has norm referenced results tables for 3rd grade and up. Before 3rd grade it is recommended to introduce the assessments to the students in a fun and engaging manner.

Secondary: Students should complete the required assessments each year in Physical Education class. This helps them monitor, track, and improve their personal fitness.

Evidence Options
Be sure to submit the type and number of pieces of evidence specified below.
Category: Preparation and Planning

Submit the evidence below to demonstrate your effective preparation and planning to use the FitnessGram as a part of physical education instruction.

Unit Plan:

Submit a well-developed unit plan for the administration of the FitnessGram. This should be a unit plan that you have used in your instruction with students. The unit plan should include the following:

  • Preparing students for administration of the FitnessGram, including using the supplied presentation (see Resources section).
  • Administering the FitnessGram four times, following all of the required guidelines with fidelity.
  • Supporting students in understanding and using the results of the FitnessGram, including use of the FitnessGram worksheet (see Resources section).
Category: Implementation

Submit the evidence listed below to demonstrate your effective use of the FitnessGram assessment in both your instruction and your own personal fitness program.

Student Work:

Submit copies of the FitnessGram worksheet from at least three learners. This should demonstrate your effective use of the FitnessGram as a part of the Fitness for Life course.

Additionally, submit a copy of your own recent FitnessGram results.

Review Criteria

Criterion 1: Evidence demonstrates the educator's preparation and planning with students to take the FitnessGram.

Criterion 2: Evidence demonstrates the educator's support of students in understanding and using the results of the FitnessGram.

Criterion 3: Evidence demonstrates the educator has personally taken and used the results of the FitnessGram.

Reflection Prompts

Are you satisfied with your personal FitnessGram scores? Explain why.

Why is living a healthy lifestyle important for a physical educator?

How do your students benefit from their experience with the FitnessGram? What steps will you take in the future to improve their experience?

Review Criteria

Criterion 1: Reflection demonstrates the educator's use of the FitnessGram to make and pursue personal fitness goals.

Criterion 2: Reflection demonstrates the educator's plans to strengthen their use of the FitnessGram as a part of instruction in the future.

FitnessGram Administration Manual 5th Edition With Web Resource

Provides in-depth information on the FitnessGram

ISBN 9781450470469

FitnessGram Worksheet

Download and use this worksheet as a part of the evidence you submit for this microcredential.

FitnessGram Presentation

Download and use this presentation with your students as a part of earning this microcredential.

FitnessGram Website

This is the official website of the FitnessGram assessment.

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